Our Mission

We are passionate to teach our children about the goodness of God, how much He loves them, that He has a plan for each of them, and that He makes all things in their hearts and minds new! “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” is the state of Ohio’s motto. We have such a desire to see our kids thrive…not just survive! How do we do this?

Introduce a Biblical-based curriculum for public school students at the elementary, middle and high school levels in Franklin and Delaware counties of Ohio

Restore Biblical truth and instill hope for the children who are our future

Change the culture in the public schools in order to build trust in the community, impact student character and develop students moral compass

During the school day, RESET, students learn, through the use of an elective Bible curriculum, principles that teach them the truth and give them a hope for their future.


e believe that RESET is a strategy for child evangelism that is needed because of what George Barna said in a survey of the Columbus Metropolitan area: He reported that over 85% of the children in the Columbus metropolitan area are unchurched. There are numerous successful released-time religious education programs currently operating in school districts across Ohio; we have a vision for growth! Our hearts have been stirred by God and we have developed a passion to initiate a program in Franklin and Delaware Counties in Ohio.


In 2014, Ohio Law, HB 171 (ORC 3313.6022) was passed in the Ohio Legislature and signed into Law by the Governor. The law allows public school students to receive elective Biblical instruction during the school day, under the following conditions:

Parental permission is required for child’s participation

Our program must be held off site of school premises

No government funds can be used for this program

You can help RESET today's youth!